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Without a doubt, SCBA are a major investment - not only financially, but from a time perspective as well. The unit bought today will probably be the same one used 15 years from now.

How many technology advances have happened since the last SCBA purchase? Can the purchase made today support future advances?

Staying compliant with NFPA standards has meant purchasing additional components and bolting them onto the SCBA. Unfortunately, this results in enormous upfront costs while adding physical bulk to the gear. It also means buying and keeping track of a host of replacement alkaline batteries. On top of this, if the five-year warranty expires, even more money has to come out of an already tight budget.

Let's face it. The current standard SCBA is technologically maxed out. It simply cannot handle new safety evolutions.

But what if firefighters could get tomorrow's technologically advanced SCBA today?

With the MSA G1 SCBA, they can.

Get new technology - without new hardware

When it comes to SCBA, it's not just about the cost of ownership; it's about the cost of not owning the safest technology. To keep firefighters as safe as possible the MSA G1 SCBA Breathing Apparatus is ready for whatever happens - now and in the future.

The MSA G1 SCBA is the only SCBA that can be purchased today and confidently kept for the next 15 years.

Plus, the entire system is covered by the most complete 15-year industry warranty for more predictable budgeting.

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Add electronic capabilities quickly and easily

The G1's integrated technology platform updates with software, not bolted-on hardware.

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Confidently plan budgets

A standard 15-year warranty covers required maintenance and limits surprise spend.

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No more alkaline batteries

A rechargeable battery cuts down the need to buy, replace, and monitor a series of alkaline batteries.

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